VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA – Schedule outline brief

Each day between 10th and 17th April 2018, a three-part yaaga ably guided by Sri K.S. Nithyananda will be in force. Technically specific sacrificial altars (Homa Kunda) will be erected. A team led by Sri Niranjana Bhatta, a Vedic scholar of eminence, and his troupe in all earnestness shall go about the VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA. Extreme care shall be taken for the most authentic rendition of the Veda mantras as also the sacrificial offerings given as part and prescribed for the yaaga. The positive vibration created as a result will be instrumental in opening new channels of Energy. This we hope shall bear the rightful fruit for every participant and our Nation as well.

On 17th April 2018 beginning 10 am onwards, the public shall be allowed to offer “Poornahuthi,” and then partake the prasadam.

Bharatha must grow!! Bharatha must glow!! – These are the two chief goals of the VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA. Nation first, and no room for self-centered notions. As a proud Bharathiya, crossing all barriers that currently limit us, come!! Let us unite and work ceaselessly towards the glorious future of our nation.

Come; let us walk on this path of true awakening! A united national identity and self-purification. Join us in this noble dream – your contribution and participation shall be gratefully acknowledged. Prasadam (food) shall be generously distributed to everyone on all eight days of the yaaga. Please partake of it with humility. May health and prosperity follow as a result of this great yaaga.

Alongside the VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA, it has been planned to honor great contributors who work silently and ceaselessly for societal causes. Our bodies, minds and souls will surely benefit as a result of this yaaga.

Sacrificial worship is well grounded in the principle of renunciation. Every person that has been involved in VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA – has selflessly and ceaselessly contributed his or her services in making this glorious dream come true. “Thyagena ekena amritatvam,” Tyaaga (renunciation) is a noble pathway to immortality – this should be the motto of real education.

Let’s join hands to make the VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA successful. Let us strive for the glory and welfare of our motherland – Bharatha.