The lofty ideals of the VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA

Let our great land of Bharatha shine – this is the loftiest goal of this yaaga. Let there be a prosperous and peaceful land. RSS Pracharak Sri Seetharama Kedlaya undertook a “Bharatha Parikrama Yatra,” in 2012 starting off from Kanyakumari on August 12th. By foot, he traversed extensively covering 23100 kms. He returned to Kanyakumari on 10th July 2017. The vast treasure trove of experience that Sri Kedlaya gained helped him to recognize the potency of India’s youth power. During his interaction with Sri K.S. Nithyananda, a Vedic scholar, he was ably guided towards the VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA.

Sri Nalin Kumar is the prime head at the helm, who is morally uncontaminated, pure, blemish less, clean-handed and innocent whose selection was proposed by Sri K.S. Nithyananda upon revelation through “Agni,” and accepted in unison. On 3rd July 2017 Sri Nalin Kumar as the chief gave it the right start at Sri Kshetra Pawanje. On 9th and 10th July, the next edition of this yaaga continued at the Vivekananda Shakti Kendra, Kanyakumari. In continuation, the VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA has been held non-stop at Shaaradwatha Yagnangana, Pawanje. This 2018, in April, the VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA shall culminate rightfully with an eight-day programme.