The Ideals of Vishwa Jigeeshad Yaaga

The main aim of this yaaga is to promote “selflessness.” For a nation to prosper, its citizens must develop a great love for their country alongside wishing for the welfare of all their fellow countrymen. A great awakening of “National Consciousness,” is the need of the hour. The Nation must preoccupy the foremost thoughts of every citizen. Bharatha’s inner light of wisdom must illumine the entire world. In the background of such thoughts, the VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA has taken shape as it is today!

To conquer the world spiritually, man must overcome venomous instincts of materialism, animosity towards fellowmen, and divisiveness. It is too easy to be ensnared by the lure of the material world. Such poisons exist both within us and without. If we could withstand such onslaught, this Great Nation shall surely produce immortal leaders with pristine thoughts. One way of doing this is to take to Yaaga – the path of ritualistic sacrifice. In order that we may share such elite thoughts – the VISHWA JIGEECHAD YAAGA, has been conceived.

In these times of turbulence, as in the 21st century, such a VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA seems all but inevitable. It is farcical to hear our nation-lovers shout out from rooftops, of their national pride. They only make a show of it!! When every man follows his Dharma (the righteous path) he naturally works towards the peace, prosperity and security of all those around him. This must now be resurrected especially when Patriotism in on the wane. We often notice that every sphere of our society is overcome by pollution, greed, anger, lust, and hatred – seem to thrive everywhere! A legal solution to set these evils right does not seem plausible. What then can be done? A revolution that aims to change the mindset of an entire people – is the need of the hour! Every mind needs to be triggered spiritually towards Dharma! This may lead us to the solutions we seek. By establishing Unity in Identity, peace and prosperity, our great nation can progress towards the ultimate Goal – The World is one!!

Listed here under are some of the noble ideals of the VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA