A background view of VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA

The VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA has an ancient lineage. Maharshi Mareecha had researched, refined and presented this unique yaaga in the Kruthayuga itself! Hayhaya Maharaja first performed this yaaga. Since the yaaga was replete with faults it did not produce the desired results then! Yet, his son Kruthaveerya stood to gain. Kruthaveerya went onto to bear the legendary Kaarthaveerya!!

In the second instance, in Trethayuga, VIJIGEESHU chakravarthy undertook this yaaga. Aja, his grandson whose son Dasharatha were the illustrious ancestors of none other than Sri Rama!! Suryavamsha became immortal because of this.

In the Dwaaparayuga, Maharaja Lambaka took to this yaaga under the guidance of Sage Parashurama. In the Kaliyuga, Hemashrama, Devadutta, Ashutosha, Kruthakeerthi, Drudhavarma and Maarthandavarma continued to keep the tradition of the VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA alive. Their sacrifices bore fruit, undoubtedly! Even so, during the time periods of lawlessness in our history, Agnimithra, Viprabandhu, Shruthakarna, Shwethakumara, Gajapuccha still undertook this yaaga. The effects of VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA can be noticed to last over 16 generations!! Around 250 years ago Sri Ananthasharma Somaiyaji, a Gowda Saraswat vidwan of Manjeshwara, Kasargodu is said to have performed this yaaga.

Today, these historical records have provided us great insights on the VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA. It has been suitably tailored to suit our public today. Vedic scholar Sri K.S. Nithyananda has agreed to give his valuable guidance for conducting the VISHWA JIGEESHAD YAAGA at Pawanje’s Shaaradwatha Yajnangana together with the cooperation of all.