Vishwa Jigeeshad Yaaga – A ritualistic sacrifice for World Peace and Prosperity

Bharatha, our land of Great Wisdom and knowledge is the result of the selfless hard work, sacrifice and renunciation by our forefathers. The ancient people of this holy land have never limited their vision unto themselves instead they have always wished and worked towards the welfare of ALL MANKIND! Their simplistic yet noble aspiration has always been to make this world a better place. In the days of yore, our forefathers always saw their ancient land of Bharatha as Great contributor to world stability. They brought this noble ideal into practice too! Pure thoughts such as; The world is One, Peace and Prosperity to everyone, let there be no sadness anywhere, let every creature prosper, let our great nation prosper – spring from the pristine and immaculate conscience of the people of Bharathakhanda.

It is a glorious part of our history that is full of stories where in the western Occidental world looked towards our nation for knowledge. This rich heritage of knowledge and wisdom lured many a thinker from lands afar. Ironically, today the tables seem to have turned. Most Indians seem fascinated by the materialistic worlds of the West. Our ancient thought line of world Peace and Prosperity seems to be slipping away from us.

Bharatha, as a nation, has always gained global recognition for her vast expanse of cumulative knowledge not for her military prowess or narrow mindedness. Bharatha has always viewed the world in totality – never in dismembered bits. Sacrifice leads to immortality – says an ancient principle of our heritage. Never has India exercised military power on any nation, not in the last 10,000 years! This inner strength and belief in world peace makes Bharatha a well-respected leader – Worldwide!!

Or leading ideal lives in society our ancient sages endowed with their innate wisdom have carried out researches from time immemorial. Yaaga – or ritualistic sacrifice – has a simple goal, - that of benevolence to all Mankind. A life of renunciation is rooted in Yaaga!! Various rituals such as a home or Havana – promote the welfare of society at large thereby taking mankind closed to Godhead.